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Samsung UE55MU7000 review: cracking TV for under £1000 available in many other size options

It’s easy to forget that Samsung isn’t just about high-end QLED TVs. Indeed, its most popular offerings are regulation LED LCD models – and they don’t come more mainstream than this polished mid-ranger. If you’re hankering after a better than budget screen from the brand, but can’t quite spring to a flagship model, then this 7 Series model still manages to offer impactful HDR with a minimalist, smart design.

Samsung UE55MU7000 4K HDR LED LCD TV: Design

You’d never guess this is a sub GBP1000 set from its design. It’s impressively slim, with a high gloss black bezel and silver trim. The back panel is similarly uncluttered.

Inputs include four 4K ready HDMIs, so there’s plenty of room for your 4K sources, and a trio of USBs.

The Samsung MU7000 range

The MU7000 line is positioned just above Samsung’s various 6-Series models, and as well as the 55-incher here, comes in 49-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes. You want their full titles?

Well, okay… Samsung UE49MU7000, Samsung UE65MU7000, Samsung UE75MU7000. Happy now?

Samsung MU7000 55-inch: Performance

Samsung UE55MU7000 review: cracking TV for under £1000 available in many other size options The MU7000 is as at home with HD as it is with 4K UHD sources.

Images appear sharp, and nuanced. Colour vibrancy is impressive, and there’s a high level of contrast, courtesy of Samsung’s local dimming. The set optimistically lays claim to extremely bright HDR, up to 1000 nits for small spectral highlights, although measurable HDR performance is probably going to be significantly less.

Even so, this is glary enough to make the most of HDR10 and HLG. There’s no Dolby Vision or HDR10+ support. Although edge lit, UHD Dimming enhances contrast by independently adjusting tone and brightness based on content.

4K fine detail is easily discernible, provided you don’t sit too far back. The golden rule of 4K is view nearer than you would an HD screen of the same size, or leave your sofa where it is and buy bigger. Image depth is fine, although don’t come to this mid-ranger expecting OLED-style blacks.

Dynamic Crystal Colour technology keeps images on the right side of ripe, while Precision Black image processing is used to improve shadow detail. The set uses assorted upscaling techniques to make the most of standard HD SDR sources. Its HDR+ dynamic range upscaler lifts SDR content by ramping up brightness and colour.

We’ve seen some superb, and surprisingly subtle, SDR-to-HDR image processing in the wild (Sony’s object-based remastering is probably the best), but Samsung’s approach is a little more blunt force. It’s worth trying though, particularly if you want maximum picture whammy for your cash. Be warned: HDR+ may create artefacts and exaggerate noise though.

Sports fans will appreciate Samsung’s Supreme Motion processing technology, which effectively reduces image blur and judder. Try not to use this interpolation for movies or cinematic TV shows though, as it adds a shiny looking soap opera sheen, which makes everything look like a daytime soap. As this isn’t an IPS panel (as favoured by LG), there’s a limit to how far you can sit off angle before colour intensity and contrast fade.

Finally, given that you can’t actually spot any speakers on the MU7000, it’s probably remarkable that the MU7000 sounds as good as it does. It’s still worth planning a soundbar upgrade, though.

Samsung UE55MU7000: Features

Samsung UE55MU7000 review: cracking TV for under £1000 available in many other size options At the heart of this set is Samsung’s second generation Eden smart TV platform, which takes an intuitive approach to menu navigation, and allows a welcome level of customisation based on what sources and services you want swift access to.

A Quad Core processor puts a spring into menu navigation. OTT apps include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, both with 4K and HDR capability, plus all the main catch-up TV services. However, this Samsung model doesn’t feature Freeview Play, so no natty roll-back EPG or integrated IP channels, which is disappointing.

On the plus side, Samsung’s own TV Plus VOD film service promises to keep you amused, should you fancy an impromptu movie night. There’s even voice navigation, via S Voice on the remote control, which allows limited control via simple spoken commands. But with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant fast becoming the talk of the town, a secondary chat interface seems a bit redundant.

The supplied remote also offers a level of universal control, if you find that more intuitive than simply using different doofers (we don’t).

Samsung MU7000: Verdict

Currently selling for well under a grand (the 65-incher is only just over GBP1000), the MU7000 is a cracking mid-range 4K UHD option. It’s up against stiff competition from the likes of Panasonic, Hisense, Sony and Philips, but the build quality, design and performance in bright rooms make it a very attractive option.

We rate the UE55MU7000 as a great mid-range buy, particularly for bright room viewing.

It combines bright HDR imagery with a crisp aesthetic design.

Throw in a fair amount of streaming service support, and you’ve got a Samsung set that more than delivers on its price promise.

Android Circuit: New Galaxy Note 9 Feature Confirmed, OnePlus 6 Review, Radical Pixel 3 Design Leaks

Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes new Galaxy Note 9 leaks, release date thoughts on the Galaxy S10, OnePlus 6 reviews and waterproofing discussions, Pixel 3 design leaked by Google, HTC launching the massive U12 Plus, Nokia 1 going on sale in UK, and BlackBerry Mobile teases the KEY2. Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the many things that have happened around Android in the last week (and you can find the weekly Apple news digest here[1]). Latest Galaxy Note 9 Leak

Although the under-screen fingerprint may have been dropped, the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is expected to showcase Samsung’s latest efforts in the AI space with an updated digital personal assistant. Gordon Kelly reports[2]:

Speaking to The Korea Herald, Gray G. Lee, head of the AI Center Under Samsung Research, revealed the Galaxy Note 9 will be the launch device for Bixby 2.0. This may trigger sneers given the Bixby smart assistant has been widely derided since it launched with the Galaxy S8 last year, but not so fast.

Lee says Bixby 2.0 will be more than just a personal assistant. Instead, it will be an “artificial intelligence platform” which enhances the performance and user experience across the phone. The Assistant itself will also have enhanced natural language processing, improved noise resistance capability and faster response times.

How much of an impact that will have on the day-to-day use of the phablet remains to be seen. More here on Forbes[3].

Is Samsung Accelerating Galaxy Release Dates If the Galaxy Note 9 is going to be released early (with indications that a late July launch is possible[4]) what does that mean for the rest of the flagship line up over the next device cycle? It could be the South Korean company is getting ready to launch three key devices over twelve months, as I speculated earlier this week[5]:

Perhaps the early Note 9 appearance opens up the window for the Galaxy S10 to make an early run – and if it did that’s going to provide a lot of sales in Q1 2019.

Of course, this only works if Samsung has a third handset that will wow the press with a new design, show off a new user interface, with a radical approach to new technology, that could be revealed at MWC in late February 2019 to go on sale at the start of the second quarter.

At which point I’ll point out the Galaxy X and the mythical Samsung folding phone. More here on Forbes[6]. Ewan Spence

OnePlus 6 (Ewan Spence) OnePlus 6 Reviewed

This week saw the OnePlus 6 go on public sale, and the first full reviews of the Shenzhen-based manufacturers latest device were published. You can read the highlights here[7], before I sum up the internet’s impression:

Although the camera has improved it still misses out on that certain something to push it into challenging the top-line handsets. There is no IP rating for water or dust ingress and while it should survive a quick immersion I would have liked to have seen OnePlus reach the by-now defacto IP67 standard.

And while the move to a glass-backed device brings it into line with other fashionable phones, it also robs OnePlus of the signature metal back. But it still has a headphone jack, it retains Dual-SIM capability, and the OnePlus ‘three way’ slider for muting alerts or vibrations remains present. This is a solid iteration on the OnePlus design.

It moves with the times, although it doesn’t seem to have questions if the times are moving in the right direction. Yet the handset offers an experience that is almost at flagship levels, but for £300 less.

More OnePlus 6 reviews here[8]. One point that every picked out is the lack of an IP67 rating for the OnePlus 6.

This has become a defacto standard in high-end smartphones over recent years, and while OnePLus has waterproofed the handset, it’s tough to compare it without having a standard rating[9]:

If OnePlus is about challenging the flagship offerings from other devices then a defined standard is the way forward. it offers confidence to the public, it offers a measurable standard for the manufacturer to aim for, and it allows easy one to one comparisons. Apple waterproofed the iPhone 6S, and the subsequent iteration saw the iPhone 7 gain an IP67 rating. The campaign for the presumptively named OnePlus 6T to get the same rating starts here.

More on the waterproofing here[10].

Pixel 3 Design Leaked By Google Sometimes it’s the accidental leaks and images close to the source that are the most convincing. Tucked away inside the Android P developer code resources and graphics used by the UI, lies one clear (albeit slightly abstract) look at a mystery Google-branded smartphone.

Has Mountain View leaked the Pixel 3? Gordon Kelly thinks so[11].

Spotted by Slashleaks, I can confirm that buried within the current Android P beta settings (Settings > Sounds > Shortcut to Prevent Ringing) is Google showcasing the functionality using a new phone design which would be an absolute gamechanger. …the image shows a truly bezel-less device. No bottom chin, no notch, just the slender, consistent rim of the phone all the way around the display.

If this is the Pixel 3, then Google will be the first mass-market smartphone maker to essentially reach design perfection.

And it’s not like Google has made this graphical slip up before.

Kelly explains why this Pixel 3 leak feels genuine, here on Forbes[12].

Next: HTC reveals the U12 Plus, AndroidGo arrives in the UK on the Nokia 1, and BlackBerry teases the KEY2…


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iDeaUSA Digital Photo Frames

Hanging photographs of your loved ones all over the house may be a bit last century. The modern equivalent of this is to display these images digitally and you can do so by using digital photo frames like iDeaUSA’s Digital Photo Frames.

Display Photos On The Wall Or On Your Desk

It’s an easy way to keep the images of those that we love nearby. Or any images that you find appealing.

You can use it to display an art show if you want. It is an amazing and simple gadget for the home that adds a lot of charm to a room. IDeaUSA has 3 versions of their Digital Photo Frames: 7 inches, 10 inches, and 13 inches.

It’s the kind of gadget that is great for everyone, whether you are a professional, a proud parent, or a grandparent. You’ll love being able to have those amazing memories around you every day. These Digital Photo Frames let you create immersive sideshows and even insert fun transitional effects and background music that will play through the built-in stereo speakers.

Those are some nice tricks that older digital photo frames were not capable of. Some other features include an easy to use touchscreen for navigation, an ambient light sensor, alarm clock, and even a desk calendar mode.

Display your favorite photos easily.

Store Up To 20,000 Images

You can see why this would make a great gift for any family member. It’s like getting several handy gadgets in addition to a photo frame.

Your new photos pop-up instantly and are saved to the 8GB of internal memory. It will hold up to 20,000 photos, which is likely more than you will ever need. It includes media slots for SD/SDHC cards and USB drives so that you can keep your photos safe.

Read: Setup is easy. Onscreen instructions walk you through everything and show you how to upload pictures with the iDea Photo app.

You can get these Digital Photo Frames in black and white colors right now, but other colors are coming later in the year.

iDeaUSA Digital Photo Frames

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