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Kindle Users Shouldn’t Miss These 5 Sites and Apps


Amazon’s Kindle has changed the ereader and ebook experience completely. If you’ve got a Kindle, you can level up that experience with a few choice sites and apps, delivering RSS feeds, tracking book sales, and even giving you free ebooks. This isn’t the first time we’re doing one of these lists 5 Brilliant Kindle Apps and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs 5 Brilliant Kindle Apps and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs Amazon’s Kindle is the best ebook reader around.

These Kindle apps are designed to enhance your reading experience. Read More and it won’t be the last. As with all things books, there are innovations and new discoveries all the time, and they only make your reading time better.

Kindle Lite (Android): Official Lightweight App

You can get the full Kindle experience without buying an ereader if you just use the free app Should You Buy a Kindle or Just Use the Free App? Should You Buy a Kindle or Just Use the Free App? Just about everyone owns an e-reader these days — and most people own Kindles.

But do you really need a Kindle when you can just use the Kindle app? Let’s find out… Read More . Granted, it’s a completely different type of screen, but you can still buy ebooks.

Plus, it’s not one or the other, the app is an excellent way to pick up where you stopped on your ereader. Android users would know well that the current Kindle app is bloated and clunky. That’s why Amazon quietly launched Kindle Lite, a lightweight version for Android Save on Storage Space With These 7 Lite Android Apps Save on Storage Space With These 7 Lite Android Apps If you have an older device or just a cheap Android phone, these apps will be much better for you than their mainstream counterparts. Read More , which takes less storage space and doesn’t hog other resources either.

The Kindle Lite app, in fact, is akin to the web-based Kindle Cloud Reader for desktops. It lets you read ebooks, get recommendations to buy other books, but not much else. You can change the font and background, as well as add highlights and notes.

Kindle Lite also has a handy screen to show how much data or storage the app is using. Kindle Lite launched in India and is slowly expanding to other countries. Indian users can download it off the Play Store directly, while other users would need to manually install the APK How to Manually Install or Side Load Apps on Android How to Manually Install or Side Load Apps on Android Sideloading a file onto your Android device is easy, and we can show you how to do it. Read More linked below.

Download: Kindle Lite for Android | APK from APK Pure (Free)

Just Kindle Books (Web): Free and Discounted Kindle eBook Deals

On the internet, good content is free (and legally free, at that). But you need to know where to look for it.

Just Kindle Books is the place to get updates on free and discounted Kindle ebooks. The site doesn’t bother with other ebook formats or stores. It’s all about the Kindle, and that’s a boon for anyone who has looked at some of the best ebook sites The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks If you’re a voracious reader, buying ebook after ebook can burn a huge hole in your wallet.

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites offering free ebooks, and these are the best. Read More in the past only to find a plethora of titles from other stores. Just Kindle Books mostly has selections from small or independent authors, so it’s not always that you’ll find a winner here. But once in a while, you’ll get a doozy.

I’d recommend subscribing to their newsletter so you don’t miss out on any new deals, or following them on social media if that’s your thing.

Global Grey (Web): Free eBook Series and Collections

Kindle Users Shouldn’t Miss These 5 Sites and Apps Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books are famous. But did you know that Doyle also wrote another character called Professor Challenger, who has five science-fiction/fantasy books?

This is why you need Aisha of Global Grey. She’s going to tell you how to download all those books for free. You probably know that classic books are available for free on sites like Project Gutenberg.

But Aisha goes the extra mile. She collects some of the best book series in collections that you’ll find easy to download and read. Go to “Series” section on Global Grey and you’ll get an endless reading of free ebooks in collections.

Even apart from the series, quality is a big consideration at Global Grey, so you can get completely free ebooks that don’t suck 4 Sites With LOTS Of Completely Free Ebooks That Don’t Suck 4 Sites With LOTS Of Completely Free Ebooks That Don’t Suck If you know where to look, you can snag free ebooks to read online, download to your computer, or transfer to your Kindle. And you’ve come to the right place… Read More . What you’ll find here are classics or highly recommended scholarly books.

eReaderIQ (Web): Advanced Kindle Search Engine and Price Watch

Kindle Users Shouldn’t Miss These 5 Sites and Apps

Some sites are excellent but go under the reader. eReaderIQ is among the best Kindle tools I’ve ever seen and I didn’t know about it till this week. The site does everything that a Kindle user could possibly want. The best feature is book tracking.

You can set alerts for books you are interested in, so that you know when they are available for Kindle, or have hit a certain price, or are on sale. eReaderIQ has an advanced search engine and browsing option that is far better than Amazon’s own. You can filter lists by genre, check if the book is also available in paperback, set a length for the book, and check discounts. Categories like New On Kindle, Freebies, Price Drops, and Under £1 will make sure you never miss a good deal.

The site’s only restriction so far is that it works with the USA, Canada, and UK Amazon stores. If you’re outside of these three countries, your local Kindle store won’t work.

Keendly (Web): Send Perfectly Formatted RSS Feeds to Kindle

[embedded content]
Keendly isn’t the first app to send RSS feeds to your Kindle, but it’s the easiest to use.

Setting it up takes about two minutes, as you can see in the above video. Then it’s all about selecting what you want and sending it. Keendly does the heavy lifting of taking any web article and formatting it for Kindle-based reading.

But I loved that Keendly actually let me choose whether to grab images as well and if it should load the full article or only the excerpt. Plus, whenever it sends those articles to your Kindle, it will mark them as read in your RSS feed, which is a persistent problem with most other RSS-to-Kindle apps. The only issue with Keendly is that its scheduled auto-delivery is a paid feature, which costs 3 euros per month.

But for free, you can manually visit the sit and send updates to yourself when you want. If you don’t mind the bad formatting, you can use IFTTT to schedule articles How to Use IFTTT to Supercharge Your Kindle How to Use IFTTT to Supercharge Your Kindle IFTTT is a fantastic service for automating all kinds of things. But it’s not just for smart home automation and saving money.

It can also help you supercharge your Kindle experience. Read More to your Kindle for free.

I’d also recommend checking out Reabble, a web-based RSS reader made for the Kindle browser.

12 More Sites for Kindle Owners

If you already knew about these sites and apps, or wanted something more, we’ve still got you covered.

In our other article on the 12 sites every Kindle owner should know about 12 Sites Every Kindle Owner Should Really Know About 12 Sites Every Kindle Owner Should Really Know About As awesome as Kindles are out of the box, there are a handful of websites that you should be using to get even more out of your Kindle. Read More , you’ll find other ebook search engines, book-lending solutions, and even communities to discuss all things Kindle.


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7 Vegetarian and Vegan Apps for a Healthier Life


Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The human body thrives off vegetables, so it should be no surprise that more people than ever before are turning to a vegetable-based lifestyle. The problem with this lifestyle, if you’ve never tried it before, is that our world isn’t built for it. You’ll find fast food, processed food, and lots of meat everywhere you look.

To make sure your diet is mostly plant-based, you really have to work at it and plan for it. The following apps can really help with making that effort a bit easier.

1. gonutss – Vegan Translator

gonutss bills itself as a “vegan translator”. That is, it helps you translate unhealthy food into vegan or vegetarian alternatives.

Knowing some ways to satisfy your old cravings with vegetarian alternatives can really help with sticking to the lifestyle. gonutss can help with that. Some features include:

  • Search for vegan or vegetarian alternatives including recipes, ingredients, and products.
  • A “Veganpedia” feature lets you identify and learn about raw vegan ingredients.
  • An egg calculator that helps you measure out replacement ingredients for eggs.
  • A protein calculator that helps you measure out ingredients with the same amount of protein as non-vegan food.

This will surely become your go-to app any time you’re looking to make recipes or plan meals. It’s a great place to turn when you’re struggling to keep on track with your new plant-based lifestyle.

Download: gonutss for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Vegan Amino

Speaking of staying on track, there’s no better way to stay motivated than to talk with other vegans about their food choices or cooking tips. Vegan Amino is not just an app for discovering new vegan meals or learning about vegan ingredients.

It’s a community filled with other people from all walks of life who’ve adopted the vegan lifestyle. Everyone there is at a different stage in their vegan journey, so there’s always something new to learn. Some features of this app include:

  • A community where you can meet and chat with other vegans around the world.
  • See what foods others have made, and have a conversation about cooking tips.
  • Visit the Questions area where you can ask or answer vegan lifestyle-related questions.
  • Use the Wiki to access information like cookbooks, recipes, nutrition tips, and more.

If you choose only a single app from this list to install, this is the best one.

There’s no better way to maintain a lifestyle like this than having other people who are living it every day just like you are. Download: Vegan Amino for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Vegan Recipe Club

One of the hardest aspects of staying vegan or vegetarian is finding a variety of foods to eat.

There’s actually an amazing array of choices for a planet-based lifestyle, but you won’t find them in typical cookbooks or recipe websites 4 Websites For Affordable Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank 4 Websites For Affordable Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank Want to save a few hundred dollars every month? Stop eating out and start cooking! By cooking for yourself, you eat healthier and save money, it could even become a fun and relaxing hobby. Read More .

This is why the Vegan Recipe Club app is so useful. It includes over 600 vegan recipes in its library, with new recipes added weekly. Features include:

  • The ability to sort recipes by dietary need, meal course, holidays, and even guest chef name.
  • Recipes include everything from beginner to gourmet.

    There’s something for everyone.

  • You can enable a feature to keep the screen from turning off while you’re cooking.

Since most of the effort of living a plant-based lifestyle is in the cooking, this app will become invaluable. If you need more recipes, check out the best vegan recipe blogs. Download: Vegan Recipe Club for Android | iOS (Free)


Happy Cow

When you don’t feel like cooking at home, you may decide to go out for dinner. This is the moment when sticking to your diet is becomes most difficult. Finding vegan food and vegetarian restaurants isn’t always easy.

Enter Happy Cow, the app that makes all cows in the world happy, because it’ll help you avoid eating meat even when you’re not eating at home. Features include: Happy Cow is one of the quickest and most convenient plant-based restaurant search apps you’ll find.

It doesn’t have any complicated bells and whistles; a simple search and plenty of listings is all you need. Download: Happy Cow for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean is a slightly more advanced plant-based restaurant search app, if you’re looking for a few extra features.

Helpfully, the app actually includes photos of the restaurant and its food in many of the listings. The main page of Vanilla Bean is simply a search engine. You can access other features through the icons at the bottom of the main screen.

Some of those include:

  • Filters for criteria like fair-trade, raw food offers, and more.
  • A Discover page with new restaurants near you that you haven’t tried yet.
  • A map feature that let’s you see restaurant locations Google Maps style.

If you go out for lunch during the workday or otherwise find yourself away from home during meals, Vanilla Bean can help you maintain your plant-based diet without too much effort. Download: Vanilla Bean for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Mealime

If you do want to cook at home, then you’re going to need apps that not only help you find recipes 6 Perfect Sites to Find Healthy Make-Ahead Lunch Recipes 6 Perfect Sites to Find Healthy Make-Ahead Lunch Recipes The only way to ensure you’re eating a well-balanced diet is to cook most of your food at home.

But who has time for that? You do — with make ahead lunch recipes. Read More , but also assist with shopping for the ingredients to make them. Mealime is just the app for that.

When you install the app, it’ll ask you a series of questions to personalize your meal options. You can choose what style of plant-based diet you follow, along with dietary likes and dislikes. Other features include:

If you want to have success in your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it all starts in the kitchen. Learning to cook with new ingredients and love new foods is a part of adopting this whole new way of life. Download: Mealime for Android | iOS (Free)


Hebbars Kitchen

Indian culture has adopted the vegan and vegetarian culinary approach on a large scale. Since Indian foods incorporate the best vegetables, herbs, and spices, you probably enjoy them as a vegan or vegetarian. Whether it’s a curry, paratha, or masala, this app will provide you with the ingredients you need and instructions for making the recipe.

Indian foods are some of the healthiest in the world. And the vegetarian variety are even better for you. The Hebbars Kitchen app has hundreds of Indian vegetarian recipes for you to choose from.

Features include:

  • Recipes have simple descriptions and easy step-by-step instructions.
  • You can save and organize recipes.
  • Holds a library of cooking tips for tasks like making curd, storing vegetables, getting more protein, and more.

Download: Hebbars Kitchen for Android | iOS (Free)

Plant-Based Diets With Vegetarian and Vegan Apps

Being a vegetarian or vegan is more than just what you eat. It’s about always seeking to put only foods with the most nutrients into your body. This is something you have to get into a habit of doing every day, and these apps can help.

To help you get started, you may want to look into a food delivery service 7 Ways to Get Fresh and Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home 7 Ways to Get Fresh and Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home A meal delivery service might be just what you need to start enjoying fresh, healthy food.

Here are several services that offer a range of customization options. Read More , many of which have plant-based diet options.


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