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iDeaUSA Digital Photo Frames

Hanging photographs of your loved ones all over the house may be a bit last century. The modern equivalent of this is to display these images digitally and you can do so by using digital photo frames like iDeaUSA’s Digital Photo Frames.

Display Photos On The Wall Or On Your Desk

It’s an easy way to keep the images of those that we love nearby. Or any images that you find appealing.

You can use it to display an art show if you want. It is an amazing and simple gadget for the home that adds a lot of charm to a room. IDeaUSA has 3 versions of their Digital Photo Frames: 7 inches, 10 inches, and 13 inches.

It’s the kind of gadget that is great for everyone, whether you are a professional, a proud parent, or a grandparent. You’ll love being able to have those amazing memories around you every day. These Digital Photo Frames let you create immersive sideshows and even insert fun transitional effects and background music that will play through the built-in stereo speakers.

Those are some nice tricks that older digital photo frames were not capable of. Some other features include an easy to use touchscreen for navigation, an ambient light sensor, alarm clock, and even a desk calendar mode.

Display your favorite photos easily.

Store Up To 20,000 Images

You can see why this would make a great gift for any family member. It’s like getting several handy gadgets in addition to a photo frame.

Your new photos pop-up instantly and are saved to the 8GB of internal memory. It will hold up to 20,000 photos, which is likely more than you will ever need. It includes media slots for SD/SDHC cards and USB drives so that you can keep your photos safe.

Read: Setup is easy. Onscreen instructions walk you through everything and show you how to upload pictures with the iDea Photo app.

You can get these Digital Photo Frames in black and white colors right now, but other colors are coming later in the year.

iDeaUSA Digital Photo Frames

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